Destination: Planet of Origin

Active Creations (Unfinished, c1992)


"I can't recall how I came into contact with programmer David Mennell, with whom I started working on this game, Destination: Planet of Origin. Scott was programming my 'humourous' adventures, at the time, but this was going to be a really serious, science fiction adventure which focussed on the crew of a starship that was searching for the planet of origin of the human species.

Intended as a three-part adventure, the first two installments of the game were fully designed, mapped and written. You would've played the role of three members of the crew, two humans and a robot, and swapped between them, to utilise their specific skills and abilities, to solve puzzles.

I think David found coding the character switching routines quite challenging, so we never got far with this one. I'm not sure why I didn't return and look again at the adventure when I started programming myself."


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