First Past the Post (Ernie Spludge 1)

Delbert the Hamster Software (1991) / The Adventure Workshop (1992) / Zenobi Software (1993)

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

Written by Gareth Pitchford & PAWed by The Spud (Scott Denyer)

'After a particular bad argument, Ernie Spludge wrote a vile, horrible letter to his girlfriend Rosie. A letter than he seriously regretted writing the next morning. Your task is to guide Ernie and help him recover the letter before his fiancee receives it and it ends their relationship.'

First Past the Post was the first installment of the Ernie Spludge series of adventures, initially produced for the ZX Spectrum 48K. It made its first appearance on the Delbert's Hamster Wheel of Fortune compilation released by Delbert the Hamster Software in 1992.

A PAWed Amstrad CPC/PCW CP/M version of this title was produced and sold by Philip Reynolds of The Adventure Workshop. It was sold with Scott Denyer's 'Larry the Lemming's Urge for Extinction' on the B-Side.

When Delbert the Hamster Software closed, Zenobi Software took over the distribution of this title and it appeared on their Hamster Droppings compilation.

Ernie's adventures continued in Get Me to the Church on Time! and Man about the House.


Amstrad CP/M Screenshot - Larger Version

Amstrad CP/M Screenshot - Larger Version

First Past the Post (1991) - ZX Spectrum 48K:

First Past the Post (1992) - Amstrad CP/M:

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