The Hoppit

Electric Storm Productions (2018)

Written by Gareth Pitchford, with thanks to 'The Spud'

'Can you escape from the famous Goblin's dungeon?'

This is a remake of original The Hoppit mini-adventure from Microfair Madness. The remake was first produced in 2018 using an early version of the Adventuron system. The current version was created in 2019 and is powered by Adventuron Classroom.

In 2019, a standalone ZX Spectrum version of the game was created by taking the Adventuron Classroom code and porting it back to PAWs using A2P.

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ZX Spectrum Screenshot

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

The Hoppit (2019) - ZX Spectrum 48K:

  • The Hoppit - 'Standalone' ZX Spectrum version - Z80 / SNA / TZX / TAP (PAW Version 1.3.0) [2019]

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