ISS Emergency

John Whatson (2019)

Written by John Whatson & adapted for 8-bit machines by Gareth Pitchford

"You are on the International Space station. A loud siren makes it hard to think, but you know you must quickly find the problem and fix it before it's too late!

You must get to the station's main computer and find out what is causing the emergency.

As a bonus see how many ISS points you can score!"

ISS Emergency is a text adventure, written in Python by John Whatson in 2018. This is the PAWs adaptation produced by Gareth Pitchford in 2019, for 8-bit micros such as the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

There is now also a DAAD-powered version of the game for Commodore 64!

You can play John's original version of the game in your browser window here. A PC port has also been produced by Catventure using his TAB system.


Amstrad CP/M Screenshot - Larger Version

Amstrad CP/M Screenshot - Larger Version

ISS Emergency (2019):


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