Methyhel 2 / Sinister Investigations II: The Festival

Pegasus Software (Unfinished, c. 1991)


"In late 1991 I had begun collaborating with Anthony Collins on a sequel to his adventure game Methyhel - The Spawn of Satan (which was itself a re-working of the earlier game Nythyhel: Files of the Occult).

It would've been the second game in the Sinister Investigations series, Sinister Investigations II: The Festival, and would've followed the adventures of another member of the S.I. team.

The initial plans were for a two-part game, with the first involving the main character (Simon) visiting a friend in a picturesque English village that was preparing for their annual festival. The seemingly quaint, old traditional activities would've soon taken a dark turn when the player discovered that the local 'lord of the manor' planned to utilise the festival's ancient link to an occult ritual.

Part one would've been set in the real world, with Simon attempting to recreate the ritual and cross through the portal into the other dimension to rescue the missing villagers. Part two would've been set in an echo world, with eerily familiar locations where the magically enhanced 'lord of the manor' had the upper hand.

Quite a lot of the puzzles had been designed for part one, but the game never made it past the planning stages as Tony Collins left the adventure scene not long after discussions about the game started.

Tony had originally wanted to develop a whole series of games, each featuring a different S.I. team-member before returning to the finish the adventure of the lead investigator, David Hamlyn, in the final title, Return of Methyhel."


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