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A random collection of other text adventure game material...


Sam Coupe Adventure Club (1992/1993)

  • Sam Adventure Club
    disk magazines
    - disks (Sam Coupe emulator files)
  • The Hermitage by Anthony Collins & Peter Collins
    - SAM version, converted by Gareth Pitchford & Dave Whitmore
    - .SAD file (Sam Coupe)


  • Dawn Patrol by Larry Horsfield
    - 'typed-in' from the Sinclair User PAW tutorial articles
    - .TAP file (ZX Spectrum)
  • Example Adventure by Debby Howard
    - 'typed-in' from the book 'Using the Quill - A Beginner's Guide' by Debby Howard & Simon Avery
    - original Quill database listing (PDF), database .TAP file (ZX Spectrum)
    - Game: .TAP file (ZX Spectrum)

Conversions & Unofficial Ports

  • Frankenstein's Legacy by John R. Olsen
    - C64 Quilled game ported to the ZX Spectrum & Amstrads using the PAW
    - .TAP file (ZX Spectrum) .dsk (Amstrad CPC & PCW) .com (CP/M)



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