Ramsbottom Smith & the Quest for the Yellow Spheroid

Zenobi Software (2018)

Written by John Wilson & converted to the PAWs by Gareth Pitchford

"The key was inserted into the ornate lock and as it settled into place there was a gentle "click" ... Smith gripped the key and slowly turned it to the left but nothing happened. Taking a deep breath, he turned the key to the right and for a moment felt resistance to his pressure, then suddenly the lock clicked into place. Placing a hand on either end of the lid Smith carefully lifted it open.

Twenty seven years he had waited for this moment, twenty seven years of searching and wishing, twenty seven years of danger, hardship and deprivation. But now it could all be over ...

Leaning forward, Smith peered into the small casket and an immense wave of relief swept over him as he spied the small yellow spheroid nestling at the bottom of the casket.


Ramsbottom Smith & The Quest for Yellow Spheroid was written by Zenobi Software supremo and UK text adventure legend John Wilson. Originally produced using Adventuron, I was honoured to work with John on converting the game with Gilsoft's PAWS to work on retro systems such as the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

Spheroid is a clever twist on the one-room genre from the creator of the Behind Closed Doors series and master of one-room games. You can visit John's Zenobi Software site to learn more about the adventure. Mirrored & additional downloads are featured below.

NEW! A new DAAD-powered edition of the game was produced in 2019 for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, and MSX.

My thanks go to Tim Gilberts & Gilsoft for the PAWS, Francisco Javier López for inPAWS, Chris Ainsley for Adventuron and his Visual Code Studio inPAWS syntax highlighter, Stefan Vogt for oodles of help & technical support with this and related projects, and Mark Hardisty for his guide on importing the familiar Zenobi 'rustic' font. And of course to John Wilson for letting me play about with his game and help bring it home to the ZX Spectrum.


Amstrad CP/M Screenshot - Larger Version

Amstrad CP/M Screenshot - Larger Version

Ramsbottom Smith & the Quest for the Yellow Spheroid (2018 PAWs Version):

Ramsbottom Smith & the Quest for the Yellow Spheroid (2019 DAAD Version):

Ramsbottom Smith & the Quest for the Yellow Spheroid - Solution:

  • Quest for the Yellow Spheroid: Solution (all 13 endings) text

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