Sherlock Holmes: The Revenge of Moriarty

Spectral Images (Unfinished, c1989/90)


"The Revenge of Moriarty was an adventure project I had on the go for a few years but it never quite made it into a finished form. Designed as a small, four-location adventure, you played Sherlock Holmes, trapped in his consulting rooms by Moriarty's goons, and had to lay a tray to snare your archnemesis and save your own life. I initially tried to make it with Tom Frost's Adventure Builder System and Scott Denyer also had a look at producing it using PAW, several years later.

The problem with the design was that it was intended to replicate Sherlock Holmes' room in detail, using lots of information from the original books and stories, but that meant there were far too many objects to deal with. I've had thoughts about how I would tackle that side of things now... but I'm not convinced the core design is solid enough to make the game enjoyable anyway."


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