Adventure 10

Publisher of programs for the UK101

Source: Computing Today - February 1981 - magazine scan by Flaxcottage

I managed to track down Richard Freeman to ask about this advert and the games he released for UK101:

"I think that Computing Today advert you found is likely the first one I did. I called my 'business' "Adventure 10" from then onwards. I wrote a bunch of games, mostly RPG types. The most successful was called 'Hidden World' and was essentially graphical with RPG elements.

The UK101 was a pretty bare-bones machine (a slightly repackaged Ohio Scientific Superboard II). It was built by an outfit owned by Chris Cary (amongst other things a pirate radio DJ) who was quite a character – he owned Comp Shop in New Barnet which I used to hang out in every now and again. Due to its nature the UK101 encouraged modification, so I was often prodding it with a soldering iron, adding memory, printer interface etc.

I'm currently 'in-between' houses and all my stuff is in storage. I digitised all my UK101 cassettes a few years ago and they're sitting on a NASBox in a warehouse somewhere. I did actually manage to get one of my games (a version of the 'scramble' arcade game) to run on one of the UK101 emulators… it was unfortunately cringe-worthy but I remember being very proud of it at the time."

Also: An early mention of 14-year old Richard in PCW magazine from December 1980

Some Adventure 10 adverts...

Source: Computing Today - March 1982 - magazine scan by Flaxcottage
Same advert also in October 1981

Here's an example of an Adventure 10 advert for Scramble (UK101)

Source: Computing Today - June 1982 - magazine scan by Flaxcottage

Source: Computing Today - May 1981 - magazine scan by Flaxcottage

Source: Computing Today - August 1981 - magazine scan by Flaxcottage



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