Adventure II

An early (British) expanded version of the mainframe adventure game

(aka Advent440)

Jack Pike, writing in to the May 1979 issue of Practical Computing, discussed his efforts of porting the mainframe Adventure from non-standard Digital Fortran to standard Fortran; creating a new version of Adventure...

The Nick Hampshire article mentioned above was in the February 1979 issue on pages 73 - 74 of the magazine. An extract is shown below...

Readers later responded to Jack's request for help with a text packing scheme, such as John E. Foggitt writing in the July 1979 issue...

Jack himself gave an update on the game's progress in November 1979...

Jack mentions his Adventure II in a letter/column published in the December 1980 issue of Practical Computing.

This linked website, and associated github pages, host a version of Adventure II.

Credited to Peter Luckett and Jack Pike, the site says that this version of the game was written between 1978 and 1981.

(Click here to visit the site, where you can also play the recovered version online)

The source code for the game was recovered by adventure historian Mike Arnautov, who has his own website about that particular version of the game (as well the history of the mainframe program and its many other ports).

In particular, check out his page on the history of Jack Pike's conversion of the game; which details how Mike first encountered it and how it was recovered. The game is dated 31 December 1978 on Mike's site.

Jack Pike has his own website.

There are several articles online about Adventure II. I would recommend reading Jason Dyer's exploration of the game, written as part of his All the Adventures series.

Jason analysis of the game is very interesting. He also links to this online version of the game which is on the excellent Gobberwarts site.



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