Artic Computing ZX80 & ZX81 Advertising & Links

Some early Artic Computing mentions and links to other sources.

Earliest advert (May/June 1981) found to date
for various ZX-80 software...

Source: Sync Magazine Volume 1 Number 3


June 1981 mention of Artic's ZXbug for ZX-80...

Source: Your Computer (June 1981)


August 1981 mention in Your Computing of what would be known as Adventure A being available for ZX-80 with 16K RAM pack (and coming soon for ZX-81)

Source: Your Computer August 1981


Source: Personal Computer World - August 1981


Another early mention of Adventure A from Sync Magazine, September/October 1981

Source: Sync Magazine Volume 1 Number 5


An early version of Charles Cecil's Artic logo in Practical Computing, November 1981

Source: Practical Computing November 1981


First mention of Charles Cecil's Adventure B, in Your Computer Magazine January 1982

Source: Your Computer Magazine January 1982


January/Feburary 1982 advertising from Sync, showing the first three Artic Adventures available for ZX80 and ZX81

Source: Sync Volume 2 Number 1 (Jan/Feb 1982)


May 1982 advert from C&VG... (earlier appearance March 1982)

Source: Computer & Video Games (Issue 7) May 1982

also C&VG Issue 6 April 1982 & Your Computer April 1982 & Your Computer March 1982


A big advertising campaign in August 1982...

Source: various, including...
Your Computer Magazine August 1982
Personal Computing Today August 1982
ZX Computing August 1982 / C&VG Issue 11 Sept 82
Similar... earlier...
Your Computer Magazine May 1982
Your Computer Magazine June 1982


Other early advertising...

ZX Computing December 1982 (nice full page advert with ZX81 & Spectrum)


Links to other useful sites...

ZX81 versions of Artic Adventures on (playable online)
Adventure A - Adventure B - Adventure C - Adventure D

Later promotional material on Spectrum Computing


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