The PCW Show Adventurers' Night Out 1987

The famous post-Personal Computer World Show adventurers' night out, organised by Keith Campbell of C&VG, featuring the great and the good of the UK text adventure scene of the time (and a few international guests).

An Unexpected Party?

Photo source: the Keith Campbell interview at CASA

(Thanks to the members of the 8-Bit Text Adventures Facebook group and the text adventure Twitter community, most of the attendees have been identified...)

1: John Jones-Steele (Abersoft et al.)
2: unknown
3: Mike Austin (Level 9)
4: unknown
5: Nick Austin (Level 9)
6: Tim Gilberts (Gilsoft)
7: Keith Campbell (C&VG)
8: Daniel Gilbert (Zzap!64)
9: Adrian Bott (Commodore User)
10: Fergus McNeill (Delta 4)
11: Priscilla Langridge (St. Bride's)
12: Marianne Scarlett (St. Bride's)
13: Pete Austin (Level 9)
14: Paul Coppins (C&VG, Rainbird, Microprose)
15: Anna Popkess (Abstract Concepts)
16: Christian Martensen (from Denmark)
17: Janet Lebling
18: Dave Lebling (Infocom)
19: Ken Gordon (Magnetic Scrolls)
20: Rob Steggles (Magnetic Scrolls)

Peter Moreland (Mordon's Quest) could potentially be one of the two unknowns in the photo.
Possibly Peter Donne also?


Keith's write-up in his Commodore User adventure column...

An alternative, semi-fictional account from Fergus McNeill, writing in the Adventure Club Ltd's newsletter...

At least one other version of the famous photograph exists, as featured in the Retro Gamer #7 interview with Keith Campbell. It'd be nice to get a bigger/better quality copy of that...

Thanks to Tim Gilberts, Fergus McNeill, Richard Hewison, Jacob Gunness, Fredrik Ramsberg, Stefan Bylund, Hugh Steers and Daniel Gilbert for helping identify the attendees in the photo and/or for sharing their memories of the event.




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