Deception of the Mind's Eye

Gosub 5000 Productions (Unfinished, c1989)


"Back in 1989, Mike Gerrard, the adventure columnist at Your Sinclair, had printed my request for a programmer to collaborate on adventure games with. Looking back, I see that in my letter I'd mentioned I was after someone to produce Microfair Madness... I guess that idea must have been kicking around in my mind back then but I don't think I'd actually come up with any finished designs for the game.

Lee Kensit, who owned both the GAC and PAW, responded to my Your Sinclair mention and we started work on the original Deception of the Mind's Eye... a sci-fi murder mystery, based on a short story I'd started writing. Although the adventure was fully mapped out, some of the location text written, and Lee had produced some excellent screen designs, the project fell apart for various reasons. If I remember correctly, one was that the game was too big for a 48K Spectrum (which is the mode Lee had started programming it in)... switching to 128K would've meant retyping in everything he'd already done. I don't think I really had a solid understanding of how I was going to make the mystery unfold, to be honest, so it was probably best that the game never made it any further.

I liked the title so much, though, that I re-used it for the later Deception of the Mind's Eye game."


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