Deer Creek

Primary Resources (2019)

Written by Gareth Pitchford

'Explore the strange town of Deer Creek and use your knowledge of homophones and puns to help out the townsfolk and, hopefully, make your way back home!'

Deer Creek - The Homophones Adventure is an educational text adventure for students aged 9 years+. As well as being an introduction to text adventures, it has been produced as a tool to help teach primary school students about homophones.

Deer Creek was created using Chris Ainsley's excellent Adventuron Classroom system. Adventuron is an incredibly easy-to-use, modern adventure writing system that allows authors, of any age, to make classic-style text adventures. Any games produced using the tool can be played through a web browser, on a PC or mobile device, without the need for additional software.

Thanks to the wonders of the A2P (Adventuron to PAW) converter (and some additional extra coding) a ZX Spectrum version is also available that's powered by Gilsoft's Professional Adventure Writer.

--> Click here to play the game online (Version 1.1.0) <--

(Update - Version 1.1.0 now features fast-travel between found locations. Type GO to use it.)

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

ZX Spectrum Screenshot

ZX Spectrum Screenshot


  • Deer Creek - Adventuron Classroom Source Code (Version 1.1.0)
  • Deer Creek - Teacher's Guide (PDF)
  • Deer Creek - ZX Spectrum version - Z80 / SNA / TZX / TAP (PAW Version 1.0.0)
  • Deer Creek - ZX Spectrum version - inPAWs source (PAW Version 1.0.0)




  • Planeta Sinclair, 8/10, "Given all this, obviously you realize that we really enjoyed this game. We are sure you will, too, so we advise you to immediately enter Deer Creek and solve the deep mysteries that plague this village. You will not regret..." - Web Link / English Translation

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