Microfair Madness C64

DTHS / Electric Storm Productions (2019)

Written by Gareth Pitchford & PAWed by The Spud (Scott Denyer)

Today was the day of the 'Personal Computer Whirled Show', the 100th Microfair, and you eagerly held a copy of your latest adventure in your sweaty little hands to give to the publisher, who had a stall there. Strange things were sure to happen when you reached 'Sir Clive's Exhibition Hall', and the space ship hovering overhead and the dragon in the entrance hall did nothing to dispel your fears!...

Microfair Madness was a three-part text adventure game initially produced for the ZX Spectrum and later ported to Amstrad CP/M machines. A third-party produced Commodore 64 version was planned (and even mentioned in Commodore Force/Zzap 64) but never completed.

This new Commodore 64 version, produced in 2019, takes the 48K Spectrum game and brings it to the C64 via the magic of Stefan Vogt's ANTUR transcompiler and the power of Infinite Imagination's DAAD.

DAAD is a descendant of Gilsoft's the Quill and the PAW, originally created exclusively for the use of Spanish adventure company Aventuras A.D, but now thanks to their generosity it is available for the general retro adventure community to use. DAAD's compiler-based system allows authors to target multiple machines; the C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, PCW, Atari ST, Amiga, and IBM PC (DOS).

This new Microfair Madness bundle also includes three related bonus adventures...

You can read more about the original version of Microfair Madness by clicking here.


Bonus Game:
Personal Computing Whirled!

Bonus Game:
The Quest for the Holy Snail

Bonus Game:
The Great Caravan Caper

The Microfair Madness Collection for C64:

  • Microfair Madness C64 - 'Cracked' version by Laxity: .d64 v1.0... Thanks Laxity!
    ...includes all three parts & the three bonus games on a single disk with fast loaders & documentation!
  • Play the game using the Vice emulator on the Internet Archive

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