Personal Computing Whirled! (Microfair Madness)

From Beyond PD (1992) / Delbert the Hamster (1992) / Zenobi Software (1993) / The Adventure Workshop (1995)

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ZX Spectrum Screenshot

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Written by Gareth Pitchford

'It's Friday the 13th once again and the day of yet another Microfair. This time there will be no trips to outer-space, no journeys into alternate dimensions... it should be a nice, quiet day especially as your publisher has a stall on the first floor. Or so you thought...'

Personal Computing Whirled! (which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Personal Computer Whirled!) was a half-sequel/extra level of Microfair Madness produced for the ZX Spectrum 48K. Designed as a promotional release, it was initially distributed through From Beyond PD, as well as given away as a free adventure with the Sam Coupe Adventure Club magazine. It also featured on the B-Side of the Delber the Hamster release of Scott Denyer's Grabbed by the Ghoulies!

Like the full Microfair Madness game, PCW also featured a mini-adventure, in this case the "Virtual Reality" mini-game.

A PAWed Amstrad CPC/PCW CP/M version of this title was produced and sold by Philip Reynolds of The Adventure Workshop on the same disk as Man About the House.

When Delbert the Hamster Software closed, Zenobi Software took over the distribution of this title. Although PCW was not designed as a full-length commercial release, it was sold as such by Zenobi.

The original 1995 Amstrad port was "lost" for years so a new version for CP/M, produced from the Spectrum source file, was created. This '2018 edition' includes some tweaks and fixes. It's available as a new Spectrum 48K version as well as the CP/M edition suitable for Amstrad CPC/PCW. There is now also a version for Commodore 64.

In 2019, the original Adventure Workshop Amstrad port was discovered in the Zenobi archives. Like the original Microfair Madness, references to the 'Sir Clive Sinclair Exhibition Centre' have been replaced with Alan Sugar, but unlike the full game, no other Spectrum adventure community references have been changed.

Personal Computing Whirled! (1992) - ZX Spectrum 48K:

Personal Computing Whirled! (1995) - Amstrad CP/M:

Personal Computing Whirled! (2018) - New, Revised Edition:

  • Personal Computing Whirled! (2018 Edition) - ZX Spectrum 48K: Z80 / SNA / TAP / TZX
  • Personal Computing Whirled! (2018 Edition) - Amstrad CP/M disk image
  • Personal Computing Whirled! (2018 Edition) - "raw" CP/M version (for transfering to other systems)

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