Scout's Honour (Ernie Spludge 0)

Electric Storm Productions (Unfinished, c1994)


"Although technically the next Ernie Spludge game I should've worked on was Child's Play (the sequel mentioned at the end of Man About the House) I'd instead started working on this prequel to the existing series, set before Ernie & Rosie were going out. Young Ernie had to go around town, completing tasks to fill up his Cub Scout 'bob-a-job-week' card.

I don't have a huge amount of documentation for this game, apart from some maps, scribbled notes and lists of flags, because I was writing the game straight into PAW on my Sam Coupe. Sadly, I have no idea where the disks are (I doubt I still have them) so all the work I'd done on this title is lost (including all the text I'd have written)."


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