Scout's Honour (Ernie Spludge 0)

Electric Storm Productions (c1994 / 2018)

Written by Gareth Pitchford

'Ernie Spludge is excited... today is the day! Today is the day he will finally pluck up enough courage to ask his potential girlfriend Rosie out. He's come up with the perfect time to pop the question too... at the joint Scout & Guides disco in the local church hall. There is just one problem... entry is only open to those children that have completed their Bob-a-Job week challenge cards... and Ernie is still five tasks short!'

This is a recreation of a lost, partially complete game for the ZX Spectrum that has been brought to life, using Chris Ainsley's excellent Adventuron system, as a game that can be played in any web browser. It is a prequel to the Ernie Spludge trilogy that was released for the Spectrum & Amstrad home computer systems in the 1990s.

You can read about the original version below. This recreation omits some elements from the original game, such as the time limits and fail states... It is basically a brand new game but hopefully it captures some of the spirit of the lost adventure. (Confused about Bob-a-Job week? Click here)

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  • Find out about Adventuron and make your own games by clicking here!
  • Font used: Plotter Bold by Damien Guard / Check out his excellent ZX Origins 8x8 fonts here


"Although technically the next Ernie Spludge game I should've worked on was Child's Play (the sequel mentioned at the end of Man About the House), in about 1994 I'd instead started working on this prequel to the existing series, set before Ernie & Rosie were going out. Young Ernie had to go around town, completing tasks to fill up his Cub Scout 'bob-a-job-week' card.

I don't have a huge amount of documentation for this game, apart from some maps, scribbled notes and lists of flags (see examples below), because I was writing the game straight into PAW on my Sam Coupe, building it up and expanding it gradually as I went along... the only real time I used this method! Sadly, I have no idea where the source disks are (I doubt I still have them) so all the work I'd originally done on this title was lost (including all the text I'd have written).

To create the 2018 version of the game I've pieced together bits of puzzles and text from the scribbled rough pages, draft maps, lists of flags and scraps of paper that were left in my game design folder. Hopefully I've managed to capture enough of the spirit of the original, even though the heart of it was missing. The Spectrum game would've been more complicated, with possibly more puzzles, several time-dependent tasks (like those featured in the other Ernie Spludge games) as well as more in-depth challenges that you could fail at, such as the "horse racing" routine."


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