Early Level 9 Advertising

A collection of early Level 9 advertising; before the release of their adventure games.
See this page of the site for early Level 9 adventure game advertising.

The earliest Level 9 advertising currently found (October 1981)

Source: Computing Today - October 1981 - magazine scan by Flaxcottage

This same wording of classified advert appeared over the next couple of months in various magazines...

Source: Practical Computing November 1981

They also placed a similar advert in Computing Today November 1981 as shown in this Level 9 history document they put together to celebrate their five year anniversary in 1986...

Source: Computing Today - November 1981

Variants of the two wordings of classified ads continue to appear, e.g. in the December 1981 & January 1982 issues of Computing Today...

...where Fantasy, is explicitly mentioned as a game title.

Here's a large advert (showcasing Level 9's full range at the time?) from the Nascom magazine 80-Bus News

Source: 80-Bus News January/March 1982

Fantasy is described thus:

An adventure game in which you must compete with the other 25 characters in a Gothic mansion to join the League of Heroes. The other 'players' behave realistically and you need cunning to win, rather than all-out aggression.

April 1982 advert...

Source: Computing Today - April 1982

Early Level 9 advert, for Nascom 1&2 software, featuring the game Fantasy...

Source: PCW April 1982 - Supplement

Quote about Fantasy, by Pete Austin, from a later Sinclair User article...

Fantasy, and their other early software, is mentioned in their 5 year anniversary celebration document...

Source: Computing Today - May 1982

A later advert in Computing Today, from January 1983, explicitly lists Fantasy as being a BASIC game; rather than machine code.



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