Level 9 16K Text Adventures

A collection of references to the early Level 9 adventures being also available in 16K format.

The early Level 9 adventures were available in both 16K and "32K" format until the release of Dungeon Adventure; after which only the "32K" versions were available.

Mike Austin: "We targeted computers down to about 8K. I have a feeling we may have done a 4K version [of Colossal Adventure] at some point. The text usually compressed to about 25% of its original size."

The only 16K version currently archived is Colossal Adventure for the Nascom.

This material was collected together with the help of the users on the Stardot forum.
See the threads here and here.

Thanks also go to Mark Hardisty who contacted Mike Austin, gaining the following quote:

"Yes, there were quite a few 16K versions in the early days. The main difference was usually that the text was precised down to a very small size. I don't have a comprehensive list unfortunately."

The earliest Level 9 advertising currently found (November 1981)

Source: Practical Computing November 1981

Early Level 9 advert, for Nascom 1&2 software, featuring the game Fantasy...

Source: PCW April 1982 - Supplement

Quote about Fantasy, by Pete Austin, from a later Sinclair User article...

The original 16K Nascom version of Colossal Adventure...

Source: Computing Today, August 1982 [Credit: Fuzzel]

Advertising showing 16K and 32K versions of Colossal Adventure and Adventure Quest

Various formats, including ZX Spectrum, ZX81, BBC, and Nascom

Source: Your Computer, September 1982

BBC Micro 16K/32K advertising...

A Laserbug review of the 32K version of Colossal Adventure for the BBC that specifically mentions that a cut-down 16K version is available...

Source: Laserbug, Issue 9 (February 1983)


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